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Health and peace is a possibility for all.

Health and Peace are interlinked constructs.
Each is dependent on the other.
As we heal and recover from ill health
we experience a state of ease, peace.

It is possible to heal and recover from ill-health.
To change dis-ease into a state of ease, peace.
Intention, effort, and awareness of the ‘how-to’
are key requirements to regain health and peace.

It is the aim of the Health and Peace Centre
to support individuals, families and communities
in their efforts towards becoming
healthier and more peaceful.

Counselling & Therapy

Counselling is available for anxiety, depression, stress, relationship difficulties and PTSD with Dr Chadda. Sessions are available for children, adults, couples and families. Dr Chadda is registered with Medicare and accredited with WorkCover. Referral from a GP under a Mental Health Care Plan enables clients to receive Medicare rebate on the fees charged. She is registered as a provider of psychological services to Veterans and currently serving Defence Personnel.

Training Seminars

Dr Chadda is available to provide training seminars to individuals and organisations to facilitate understanding of psychological mechanisms underlying anxiety, depression, stress, peaceful interpersonal communication and conflict resolution. Recent presentations include: Stress Management through Meditation; Dealing with Difficult Clients — An ABC Toolkit for the Workplace; Psychological Stressors in Human Relationships.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Dr Chadda is a member of the Australian Psychological Society’s Psychology and Yoga interest group. She hosts meditation and mindfulness training at the Health & Peace Centre and online. Each session consists of training in mindfulness and meditation practices through CBT techniques and yoga-based exercises.

Community Programs

Dr Chadda has been hosting regular not-for-profit community development programs aimed for fostering peace within individuals and harmony between different social and cultural groups as well as facilitating educational and professional development opportunities for providers of mental health services.